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Monday, January 8, 2018

Different ways to BARGAIN


Different ways to BARGAIN:

1. That's a rip-off - यह बहुत महंगा है

2. Isn't there a discount on this? - क्या इस पर डिस्काउंट है?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

10 Best Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases

Telephone Vocabulary and Phrases:

1. May I speak to...? (क्या मैं...से बात कर सकता हूँ?)
2. I am calling on behalf of... (मैं...की ओर से फोन कर रहा हूँ)
3. How may I help you? (मैं आपकी कैसे मदद कर सकता हूँ?)
4. Where are you calling from? (आप कहाँ से बात कर रहे हैं?)
5. I'd like to speak to... (मैं...से बात करना चाहूँगा)
6. I'm afraid you've got the wrong number. (मुझे डर हैं आपने गलत नंबर मिलाया है)
7. Your voice is cracking. (आपकी आवाज कट रही है)
8. I can't hear you too well. (मुझे आपकी आवाज ढंग से नहीं आ रही)
9. Could you please repeat what you just said? (आपने अभी जो कहा क्या आप वह दोहरा सकते हैं?)
10. I'm afraid I can't hear you. (मैं आपको सुन नहीं पा रहा)
11. Would you like to leave a message? (क्या आप कोई मेसेज देना चाहेंगे?)

Holding the line:
1. Just a moment, please. (एक मिनट)
2. Please hold on (कृपया होल्ड करें)
3. Hang on (होल्ड करें)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Overwrite an Existing File Using VBA Code in Excel

This tutorial will help you in, allowing your Macro/VBA code to overwrite an existing Excel file.

This will allows you to do things like:

Export a weekly report to a specific file and overwrite that file each week.

Note: The technique in this tutorial does not require any confirmation in order to overwrite the file.

Overwrite A File Using VBA

Add these two lines to any macro to allow them to overwrite a file without having the confirmation window appear:

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Excel Function to Extract a Word or Text from a Cell

Excel function that makes it easy to extract a word or text from a cell in Excel.

This is a single function!

It does NOT require a complex formula or nested functions or anything like that. To use this function, we first need to create it using a UDF, User Defined Function. You can learn about this kind of function here: User Defined Functions in Excel

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