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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Remove a Person from a Skype Group

How do I remove a person from a Skype Group?

Now a days, we all are using Skype for our official and for our personal uses. Where we do one-to-one or group chats. Where while making groups sometimes unwanted person get added in the group and we struggle in removing that person from the group.

So, to make is easy for you, I have created this post. Where you can Learn, how to remove a participant from a Skype Group.

Follow below steps to remove a person from a Skype Group in Desktop App. Hope this helps
  1. Open Group Chat
  2. Click on the participants list (Skip if already listed)
  3. Right Click on name of participant, whom you want to delete
  4. Choose option "Remove person from this group" as shown in below screenshot
NOTE: You must be an admin of that group from where you want to remove the participant and this trick will work on Skype Windows Desktop App version or above

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