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Monday, December 29, 2014

Create New profile in Firefox Browser

When and why New profile needs to be created in Firefox Browser?

1. When you are facing any issue in your existing or Current Profile
2. Unwanted Pop-up are coming in your browser and not removing from the system

How To Create New Profile in Firefox Browser? 

Step-by-Step procedure to Create New Profile in Firefox Browser:
  1. Look for shortcut icon of you Firefox Browser (You can find at your desktop)
  2. Right Click on the icon and click on Properties (Properties window will open)
  3. Go to Shortcut tab in the properties window and look for 'Target:' (you find a path in this field)
  4. Copy the path mentioned in Target field
  5. Go to Run Command or Click Window Key + R together
  6. Paste the copied path into run command and add text " -no-remote -p" (Space hyphen no hyphen remote space hyphen p) without quotes (after adding text, your path will look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote -p)
  7. Hit Enter Key
  8. "Firefox - Choose User Profile" Window will Open
  9. Click on Create Profile Button and Click Next
  10. Type your Profile Name in the Text box and click on Finish Button
  11. Your will be redirected to the "Firefox - Choose User Profile" Windows
  12. Choose the Profile which you wanted to Open or Work into or Newly Created Profile.
  13. Click on "Start Firefox" Button

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